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Heinz Refuge staff, supporters and volunteers are delighted to observe the newest generation of Bald Eagles thriving in the Refuge, one of two active eagle nest sites in Philadelphia. Hatched March 13, 2013, two fuzzy-headed eaglets are growing quickly under care of their hard-working parents. The chicks can be seen bobbing their heads above the nestline high atop Oak Island, at the south end of the main water impoundment. This marks the fourth consecutive year that Bald Eagles have nested at Heinz Refuge, signalling increasing health of our riverine eco-systems. Eagles eat almost exclusively fish, which are abundant in the Refuge and nearby Delaware River.

We invite all to post photos and observations on the Friends of Heinz Refuge Facebook page @, as the fourth consecutive Bald Eagle nesting season unfolds at the Refuge. Check our “Eye on the Eagles 2013” photo album for frequent updates!


By: Adrian Binns

On February 16, PA Young Birders ( guided the annual Great Backyard Bird Count at Heinz Refuge, with wonderful results. Brendan was thrilled to add Rusty Blackbird and Horned Grebe to his life list. Julia’s second look at Saw-whet Owl was just as magical as the first. Bo spotted the first Brown Creeper. Sam and Sophie were amazed at the size of the Bald Eagle nest (with an eagle inside it!). Lucas followed the Red-shouldered Hawk circling over our heads. The boys from Wolf Pack 44 watched shovelers dabbling with pintail ducks. A collective “WOW!” rose up from everyone when a Great-blue Heron sailed overhead and landed on a nearby tree limb. The final report listed 40 species and 348 birds. The enthusiastic energy, impressive engagement, and amazing experience with these young birders are captured only in vivid photos and special memories. Thanks to PA Young Birders, volunteers, and Heinz Refuge for inspiring and connecting kids to birds with this wonderful citizen-science activity! The full photo album is featured on the PA Young Birder’s Facebook page

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