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Environmentally conscious and motivated educators can have a profound impact on the mindset of children towards the natural world, its enjoyment, and ultimately its protection. Nationally, there is widespread alarm that today’s children are missing out on opportunities to connect with, enjoy, and understand nature. For the most part, our younger generation doesn’t even realize what they are missing.

A major part of our mission here at the Heinz Refuge is to offer remedies to that problem. We teach the educators, who in turn can help their students “turn on” to nature. Below, you will find links that provide information on both environmental education course offerings at the refuge, and also links to other valuable resources which provide suggested formats for developing and carrying out successful environmental awareness projects and programs.

Tlogo2005he Environmental Education staff at the Heinz Refuge has a large and varied listing of course offerings. All courses are in line with state and federal standards, and are Act 48 appproved.

The National Wildlife Federation has a great kids page that includes, but is not limited to, a “Schoolyard Habitat” program, a wonderful tool to enhance your curriculum and make learning about nature come alive for students. A companion program, “Backyard Habitat,” offers the opportunity for students to expand their wildlife gardening experience at home or in their community.

Audubon has a great kids page full of stimulating ideas and programs. Look for Audubon Adventures, both an in-school and an after-school program. Kits are available through Audubon or at the Heinz Refuge.


Join in the collection of important climate change data on the timing of leafing and flowering of trees and flowers in your area through this national citizen science field campaign. The campaign includes classroom activities, relevant outdoor activities, related teaching standards and much more!

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